Jumat, 13 Desember 2013

TRAVEL // Florence, Italy

Some of you may remember that during the summer, I spent almost two weeks visiting a few places in Europe. On my last day in Italy, I had the privilege to visit one of the most stunning places I had ever seen- Florence.
This city, the capital and heart of Tuscany, is considered to be the birthplace of the Renaissance. Respectively to that, everything about this city feels exciting. The overwhelming amount of tourists from all over the world, the food, the view, the architecture. I was in a complete 'awe' state as I strut around the streets taking an endless amount of photos and trying to comprehend the tremendous amount of history that this city holds.  

Unfortunately, a single day in Florence is just not enough. I didn't have the time to see the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, or the Galleria degli Uffizi, but I managed to see some of the most breath-taking buildings, breath next some very very very luxurious boutiques and eat the most delicious ice cream I had ever tasted. I'm positive that this will not be my last time I set foot in Florence. Until then, I'll be daydreaming in class about extremely tasty pizza and a homework-free life.


Senin, 09 Desember 2013

Wishlist 002.

I feel as though the last time I've done a wishlist was ages, and ages ago. To me, wishlists are the settle way for a fashion blogger to say "I'm really busy and shooting an outfit post right now is about as possible as not eating chocolate for a week therefore I shall put together a collage of things I've been drooling over for the past month". On that note, I'd like to introduce you to the pieces, and more particularly- the style I've been lusting for.

Wishlist 002.

1. Floppy Hat.
This is on my wishlist thanks to all the bloggers that practically made me put it there. A floppy hat is the best thing about a beach attire during the summer. This is exactly why a woolen floppy hat is the best thing about a winter attire. It's the perfect shot of elegance to any outfit. 

2. Oversized Cardigan.
In case I haven't mentioned it before- I am one lazy bum. I can''t really bother myself to put on something fancier than the most basic t-shirt, jeans and boots on a regular basis. An over-sized cardigan, just like this one from H&M, is kind of perfect for people like me. It instantly makes you look like you actually might have put the effort in the morning to do something other than eating- when you actually haven't.

3. Minimalistic Satin Tank-Top.
After seeing Rumi Neely in a similar tank top- I felt like I need this in my closet. A satin tank-top would be a perfect basic piece to have in the closet- putting together an simple outfit with great accessories wouldn't be hard. And the best thing about it is the illusion it creates: it's a basic black tank top, but you would still look like a million bucks.

4. iPhone Cover.

I have gone through so many covers by now, I just stopped counting after the 6th. They've all been the cheap knock-offs you can buy at any kiosk. This Diane Von Furtsenberg giraffe patterned case is just kind of... well: perfect. However, I can't really bring myself to order a 40$ phone case, considering non of the other phone cases had a life expency of more than a month.

5. Loafers.
Looking at this collage, I've started realizing that my style may be becoming a bit more, mature, I guess. I've been craving some classic pieces in my wardrobe lately, and I believe that loafers are under that label. To me, a classic piece is usually leaning towards the androgynous type of clothing. Probably the kind that makes me look like a 14 year old boy most of the time- but I really couldn't care less. These Zara loafers are so simple, and that's what makes them so stunning.

6. Goodbye To Berlin by Christopher Isherwood.
If you follow me on twitter, you might have noticed that I've started visiting the theater quiet often recently. Getting all dolled-up, reading about the play on the train, and the excitement in waiting for the curtains to be pulled back- theater has become a way for me to escape my oh-so-eventful life. During the summer, I managed to get tickets to see one of the most talked-about musicals of the year- Cabaret. It was one of the most breath-taking performances I had ever seen in my life. The songs, the dances, and the early 30's vibe made me completely fall head over heels in love with the period of cabarets in Germany. Of course, I went on to see the 1972 film with Liza Minnelli, and watch the musical- again. Later, I had found out that the movie is actually based on a book- and I've been trying to get my hands on it ever since (well, it's been about 3 weeks to be exact).

7. Menswear-inspired Oversized Coat.
Again, just like the loafers, this is a classic piece. This could be the first year when I actually looked for this style of coat (I usually just went for trenches and leather jackets- original, I know), but I've been seeing a lot of them lately- Zara, Mango, Gap and other highstreet stores where you could find a great deal on a long-lasting, classic piece. When I get my hands on a similar one, trust me- you won't hear the end of it.

Hope you enjoyed this post! I promise to try to get myself off of the couch this weekend and actually shoot an outfit post.


Sabtu, 30 November 2013

OUTFIT // Bitter:Sweet

what I'm wearing:
top: vintage (mom's)
pants: H&M
shoes: topten 
bag: gifted

Hi lovelies!
I'm finally on Hanukkah break. 
It's crazy to think how time flies by. I remember last year Hanukkah like it was a couple months ago. The pretty side of this, is that I feel like school will actually en someday and not like I'm eternally stuck in one place. The bitter side of this? Pretty much the same. It feels weird when I think about the "after-life" (of high school that is). 
I'm definetly starting to feel the pressure. My math matriculation exam is coming up and I have about 3 pre-exam test (does that even make sense?) in December. Kill me now. 


Minggu, 24 November 2013

STYLE CRUSH // Elena Perminova.

Style icon, model, wife of a billionaire, and mother of two- Elena Perminova has become a prominent face in every front row show at fashion week. With an unforgettable face, legs that go on for miles and a unique style- it's not so hard to understand why.

What I adore about Perminova, is that she fits the word "icon" like a glove: she is fearless when it comes to fashion. Nothing is off limits. Every outfit is unexpected. To me, this is what fashion is all about- experimenting with different fabrics, prints, colors and brands. It's about failing and regretting, and then trying again. And again. And again. Until you find your little niche. This long-legged beauty is what all fashionistas aspire to be: confident enough to wear what you want, and not what others expect you to.

Her outfits vary from Victorian-style dresses dresses, to and all-black "edgy-chic" attire. She portrays different characters through fashion. Perminova reminds us all that fashion and style is not about being like everyone else or fitting in- it's about standing out, being an individual, and most importantly expressing yourself.

The is one thing you can be absolutely sure of- if you are ever in the search for inspiration, no matter what your personal style is, you can always count on Elena Perminova. Hope you all enjoyed the post!

What do you think about Elena Perminova's style?
Who inspires you?

Jumat, 08 November 2013

INSPIRATION // Simplicity is Key.

All photos are from Tumblr!
For more of my favorite photos and inspiration check out my tumblr Prada Mafia. I also have an open ask box, so if you have any questions- feel free to ask! x

Let me know what you think about the photos!


Sabtu, 19 Oktober 2013

TRENDING // Tartan.

It seems as though tartan-patterned garments are taking over the fashion world. Can you really blame anyone for giving-in in to the trend? The answer to that ladies and gentlemen would be no. It's probably the only print that has yet to be overused by every living and breathing creature on earth (even thought I'm pretty sure i's not far from that). If you needed any proof that the 90's are making a comeback- here you go.

(All images are not mine! Google is my best friend at times of need)

(from left to right: Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs)

I think my favorite thing about tartan is how versatile it can be. You can wear it during any season. The print in pastels is perfect for spring/summer, yet the same exact one in colors like burgundy and grey is a must have in your fall/winter wardrobe. In addition to that, fall's biggest trend can accommodate any style- whether you're feeling casual in the morning or the 90's grunge before you go out in the evening. I say, you can't ask for more than that. You can easily obtain this style with one essential: a tartan-patterned pant. A simple t-shirt and converse can take you through the day. With a pair of your favorite stilettos and an oversized coat, you're ready for a night out. 

mood board // tartan.

What do you think about this trend?
Will you be wearing it this season?

Senin, 14 Oktober 2013

Fall Essentials + October Playlist.

It's not exactly fall yet here is Israel, but I've managed to wear a jacket a couple times. Fingers crossed it gets cold soon!
Anyway, I've decided to gather a few of my favorite items for the chilly season.

ft. Charlie trying to eat my fake ikea plant

1. Denim Jacket.
This is basically a life essential, but wearing it during summer is not exactly possible (unless you don't mind it if your liver melts). A denim jacket is a classic piece and every closet should be a home to one. It's a great way to layer- best thing about fall fashion! You can wear it over a top, and a coat- if it's really cold- on top of that.
Sorry for the blurry photo! I'll take a new one ASAP.

2. Oversized Sweater.
Sweaters are the best companions to a cozy day, while watching your favorite movie and drinking a couple (or few) cups of hot coco. They are also a versatile piece- you can go from a lazy day at home to an evening outfit for a perfect girls' night out! It's pretty simple as well: take out your favorite jeans, pair them with some glamorous booties or heels and add a chunky necklace as a final touch. 

Sweater from H&M Basic.

3. Bustier-Inspired Top.
This is a love-hate item: some people can't get enough, others can't get away. I'm probably on "can't get enough" team- especially for fall! Juts like the denim jacket, this is another great layering piece! 

4. Bowler Hat.
I feel very British whenever I wear it. It's a piece that can complete any attire, and it's a great accessory for all you lazy people (including yours truly) that simply can't be bothered in the morning to fix their hair. 

5. Little Black Booties.
Just like the classic LBD, little black booties are an essential in each and every closet. You can wear these with your best casual attire one day, and pair them with a dress and clutch the next!

6. Spiked Headband.
You may recognize this for my last couple posts. I'm completely obsessed with it! It's a perfect touch to a casual outfit on a lazy day (aka everyday)!

7. Scarves.
Another great item for layerig. Yes, I am aware of the fact that the scarf I chose is leaning more towards the spring cult, but I just can't not wear it during every fall/winter for the past 3 years! It's brightens up my outfits, and quiet freckly- my mood as well. Expect to see it in upcoming outfits!

And now- my playlist for the month of October! I know I'm a little late, but I just now realized it mid-October. Time flies by pretty fast.

1 // god & satan by biffy clyro
2 // riptide by vance joy
3 // I would anything for you by foster the people
4 // say you don't want it by one night only
5 // swimming in '99 by golden suits
6 // turn of phrase by paper hotel
7 // garden by paper hotel
8 // live a little by florrie
9 // never let me go by florence and the machine
10 // somebody that I used to know (cover) by orla gartland

What are you fall essentials?