Senin, 14 Oktober 2013

Fall Essentials + October Playlist.

It's not exactly fall yet here is Israel, but I've managed to wear a jacket a couple times. Fingers crossed it gets cold soon!
Anyway, I've decided to gather a few of my favorite items for the chilly season.

ft. Charlie trying to eat my fake ikea plant

1. Denim Jacket.
This is basically a life essential, but wearing it during summer is not exactly possible (unless you don't mind it if your liver melts). A denim jacket is a classic piece and every closet should be a home to one. It's a great way to layer- best thing about fall fashion! You can wear it over a top, and a coat- if it's really cold- on top of that.
Sorry for the blurry photo! I'll take a new one ASAP.

2. Oversized Sweater.
Sweaters are the best companions to a cozy day, while watching your favorite movie and drinking a couple (or few) cups of hot coco. They are also a versatile piece- you can go from a lazy day at home to an evening outfit for a perfect girls' night out! It's pretty simple as well: take out your favorite jeans, pair them with some glamorous booties or heels and add a chunky necklace as a final touch. 

Sweater from H&M Basic.

3. Bustier-Inspired Top.
This is a love-hate item: some people can't get enough, others can't get away. I'm probably on "can't get enough" team- especially for fall! Juts like the denim jacket, this is another great layering piece! 

4. Bowler Hat.
I feel very British whenever I wear it. It's a piece that can complete any attire, and it's a great accessory for all you lazy people (including yours truly) that simply can't be bothered in the morning to fix their hair. 

5. Little Black Booties.
Just like the classic LBD, little black booties are an essential in each and every closet. You can wear these with your best casual attire one day, and pair them with a dress and clutch the next!

6. Spiked Headband.
You may recognize this for my last couple posts. I'm completely obsessed with it! It's a perfect touch to a casual outfit on a lazy day (aka everyday)!

7. Scarves.
Another great item for layerig. Yes, I am aware of the fact that the scarf I chose is leaning more towards the spring cult, but I just can't not wear it during every fall/winter for the past 3 years! It's brightens up my outfits, and quiet freckly- my mood as well. Expect to see it in upcoming outfits!

And now- my playlist for the month of October! I know I'm a little late, but I just now realized it mid-October. Time flies by pretty fast.

1 // god & satan by biffy clyro
2 // riptide by vance joy
3 // I would anything for you by foster the people
4 // say you don't want it by one night only
5 // swimming in '99 by golden suits
6 // turn of phrase by paper hotel
7 // garden by paper hotel
8 // live a little by florrie
9 // never let me go by florence and the machine
10 // somebody that I used to know (cover) by orla gartland

What are you fall essentials?

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