Selasa, 28 Mei 2013

NEW IN | Bershka + Zara

Hello there fellow shopaholics.
While I'm waiting for my pasta to cook (hopefully I won't burn the kitchen) I decided to introduce to you some new pieces I've recently added to my closet.
I know one of my latest posts was a little haul as well, but school has been so stressful so shopping has been a great relaxer [is that even a word?].

My first stop was Bershka. The store was filled with bright colors, crop tops, shorts, and gladiator sandals AKA summer. I got a pretty basic top that will probably be one of my most used items, a simple tropic-print skirt and my one and only love- a moon icon necklace.

My next stop: Zara. I think I wanted pretty much everything they had. Everything was just so perfect. But it was getting late, and one does not simply pass up a bowl of ravioli. I decided to get these unbelievably perfect 60's inspired wedges. They are super comfortable, and I cannot wait to take them out for a spin.

What do you think about the stuff I got?

Kamis, 23 Mei 2013

Modern Girls.

Hey there lovelies!
Suits are most definitely a key piece in every woman's closet. The defined silhouettes, androgynous vibe and touch of masculinity all make up the story of a confident, ambitious woman that knows what she wants. With the right cut (and shoe), a suit can make your legs look as if they go on and on, give the illusion of a tiny waist and an overall look that will make anyone look twice as you walk down the street.

Saint Laurent Pre-Fall 2013.
[If you ask me, there is no one more perfect than Freja Beha for this campaign.]

We should all let go of the idea that suits belong to the working businesswoman. Too stereotypical. Simply by mixing different textures, colors and prints you can turn your working clothes to a party uniform.

Zara May 2013 Lookbook.

Suits are basically wonderful, classic, elegant and amazing. I need one. We all need one.

What are your thoughts about suits?

Selasa, 14 Mei 2013


It's official. H&M is addicting. I literally want everything they have in stores right now.
A couple days ago, I went to get my passport photos taken (I'm getting an I.D!!!) at the mall, and had 15 minutes to swing by h&m. From palm-print bathing suits, to high-low jersey skirts: I wanted every piece in my closet. Thanks to the lack of time, I had to settle for this gorgeous jacket I found on sale and an awesome necklace.
I. need. more.

Other than  the jacket and necklace, I got the H&M catalog, which made me want to become a shopaholic even more. The stunning shoots and editorials with Terry Richardson, and gorgeous articles scented with Summer (and freedom from school) was a perfect morning read.

What are your thoughts about the stuff I got?

Sabtu, 11 Mei 2013

OUTFIT | Denim Gangstaaa.

Hey hey hey!
Remember me? I feel like I've been living in school/my room/my desk for the past month probably. The exams are just never ending. I'm taking mocks now, and in a month from today I'll be taking my first "Bagrut" (aka the Israeli A-Levels). I'm pretty stressed out, so I've been eating about 2-700 cereal bowls every day.

I'm wearing:
denim top - vintage
cadigan- Paris
shorts- tamnoon
shoes- converse

What do you think about my outfit?