Kamis, 04 Juli 2013

NEW IN | Pull&Bear + H&M

It's official. I'm on my summer vacation! I cannot believe how quickly this year has passed. It feels like juts a couple of months ago it was November, when in reality- it's been more the half a year! In just a few months we'll be gathering with our family and friends to celebrate New Year's Eve and welcoming 2014. Pretty unbelievable, if I may say so myself.
On another note, I've been considering getting a summer job- something like babysitting. I've been spending money like the world is ending. Oh! Before I forget: I'm officially going to Europe in August!!! I couldn't be more excited.

Pull&Bear. One of my favorite stores! Always on trends, and always makes me cry because I can't leave the store without half of it packed in a paper-bag. Sigh.
I got something I've been dreaming about- a palm print bikini! The whole tropical-palm-print trend is taking over. And well, I've been drooling over it.

Not too different from the bikini in its style, this "towel-like" (mom's words) tropical sweater is perfect for chilly summer nights!

H&M. Again- another lovely store, and although I wanted about 3000 other things, I settled for a couple items.
These tribal print pants were basically a steal. They were 30 sheckles, which is around 8 USD. I love the color palette which potrays a hint of a nautical style.

This cobalt maxi skirt was sort of a love-at-first-sight kind of deal. I just couldn't ignore it, being all lonely on the rack. It basically screamed "buy me, you need me".

Let me know what you think about the items I've bought in the comments below!