Rabu, 19 Juni 2013

OUTFIT | Breezeblocks.

Summer, is that you? Am I dreaming? No, this is actually happening. Tomorrow I'm getting my report card, and in a week I'll be taking my final exam for this year. This is just perfect. This palm-print top which you already saw in one of my previous posts, just got me pumped up for summer even more! I've also been wearing these biblical sandals quiet a lot- they just go with everything!

top: pasha studio
bag: h&m
sandals: diesel

Me and my family went to the beach this past Saturday to a beach in the city of Ashdod and had a blast. I've actually managed to relax and look tan for like 15 minutes. Of course, I could not pass up a dish of ravioli. I will start going to the gym soon. Sigh.

Has your summer already started?
What do you think about my outfit?

Sabtu, 08 Juni 2013

OUTFIT | Future Cat Lady.

Hey hey!
I hope your weekend is going well. I've been studying like crazy for my history final for the past couple days, and soon after this post goes up, I'll be back at my desk for literature. Summer, I'm begging you- hurry up. please.I just cannot wait for lazy movie days, my Europe trip, more blogging and just doing nothing.
Other than my repressed feelings, I'd like to introduce you guys to Charlie- my wonderful cat. She's 3 months old, and basically sleeps all day [me jealous] and I ADORE HER. I want more cats. Okay? Yea. MORE CATS.
I'm off studying and crying over my grades!

top: forever21
pants: pull&bear
sandals: diesel
bag: h&m
watch: casio

photos by mom.

Let me know what you think about my outfit!

Rabu, 05 Juni 2013

Summer 2013 Trend Report.

Hi there! It's safe to say summer is here. The sun is hot and bright, the amount of homework is getting smaller and it seems as though the line up of exams I have this month isn't so impossible. I thought it would be very appropriate to update you lovely humans on some of my favorite summer trends, that you will probably be seeing quiet a bit in upcoming outfit posts.

1. Bold Stripes.
Seems as though this trend never gets left out for summer. Designers and people in general simply cannot get enough of the charm of a little bit of a nautical touch in ones closet. It's classic, elegant, and timeless. I paired it with simpler items, to not distract they eyes. That Casio watch is so perfect- I must have one.


2. Graphic.
Bright, bold all-out-there prints have been making a huge splash in the world of fashion. I adore this trend! It allows one to make leave a strong mark wherever he/she chooses to go. There is no way anyone will be able to forget you if you where a skirt that screams "look at moi!!".


3. Minimalists. This might just be my favorite of all. Simplicity is the most beautiful form of flatter. Seriously, it is. No attention-seeking, distracting or eye-blinding fabric. This is the complete opposite of the graphic trend! This one is perfect for the ones who rather be "wallflowers" [don't judge me, I couldn't resist].


4. Denim Rompers.
If you've been roaming around tumblr way more than you need oops  you have probably seen more denim rompers that one person should/can see in a lifetime. Okay, I might be extraditing a bit, but it's impossible to ignore the comeback these babes have been making.


Which trends are you looking forward to this summer?

PS- I'll probably be taking a break from blogging until June 27th when I finish with my exams! 

Sabtu, 01 Juni 2013

OUTFIT | Hey June

Hi there everyone!
My weekend has been great so far. I basically did nothing but sleep, take photos, watch Ferris Bueller's Day Off for the 10th time and eat ravioli again. I need to stop with all this italian food, but deep down I know it's never going to happen. I mean, who can say know to delicious fattening food?
Any way, on June 10th I'm taking my History bagrut (Israeli A-level) and I'm freaking out. I just want to live inside my bed and never see my textbooks ever again.
On another note- how in the freakin' world is it June already?!
Hope your weekend is going great!

top - bershka
skirt - zara
shoes - aldo
watch - mom's
sunglasses - golf

Let me know what you think about my outfit!