Minggu, 21 April 2013

Current Obsessions (aka wishlist).

obsessions aka wishlist

Instead of making a post on every trend/item I obsess over, I decided to concentrate them all into one post. I admit I'm pretty lazy. However, this whole trend-obsessions has become a wishlist in which I'm determined to put a big check on. Someday.
{1} Ksubi. Well not the whole brand. Their "palm print" line of tops, jeans and skirts in particular have made me drool. {2} Beanies. Need I say more? Didn't think so. {3} Denim Overalls. Yes, I already own a pair-but! I will think of an excuse to get another because I can't get over how perfect they are. {4} Knee High Socks. This style crush connects well to the part of me that adores menswear. A lot. How perfect would this be with a crop top, shorts and a pair of boots? I rest my case. {5} Earcuffs. Again, not much to say here either. Just a great accessory for a simple outfit that needs to be spiced up. {6} Buckle-Cutout Boots. It seems as though just when I had my eyes set on this babies (or look-a-like babies. Sorry Balenciaga) everyone and their mother got a pair. Guys, come on. {7} Round Retro Sunglasses. These are so freakin' perfect for Spring-Summer. Imagine wearing these with a wide-leg pair of jeans. {8} Hologram Clutch. I had already expressed my love for hologram items before, and I will again. This clutch is just so amazing I might start crying.

What's on your wishlist?