Jumat, 09 Agustus 2013

OUTFIT // 58 + weFashionista.com!

-what i'm wearing-
top: stolen from my 8-year-old bro
skirt: zara
shoes: zara
ring: pull&bear
watch: casio

Not too long ago, I was contacted by the website weFashionista.com. I was immediately intrigued by the name. I signed up, and found myself spending a couple hours roaming through what seems to be every page. This is what the guys from the website had to say about the concept:

We know that fashion is just a matter of taste; there are actually too many choices of fashion websites out there. Of course, there are a lot of good stuffs & the users know how to mix & match. What we are trying to do here is to provide a fashion catalog where people can come and browse, and see dresses in a right context, because everything is good into different topics and answers, so each answer is right of context. Unlike what was out there in the web, where everything is like a huge over too many choices, it is just lack of context. If we can get all those good fashionista come and work collaboratively and competitively together, then we can have every page of interesting fashion finds with highly contextual contents. By doing this, we can grow up an ecosystem, create a live fashion catalog that even non-fashionista can come and find the right buy for themselves. As for fashionista, we aimed to grow an apps store ecosystem, where in the medium and long term; the fashionista can earn good commission, up to 15% for each recommended buy for the non-fashionista. This would create a win-win situation, where fashionista can earn commission for showcasing their good taste, non-fashionista can buy good fashion finds without being fashionista and the use of study themselves.
This website allows you to ask for advice, give advice, share photos of your favorite pieces and most importantly- showcase your unique style and outlook on the world.
Come join me and this fast-growing community at http://wefashionista.com/!

What do you think about my outfit?
Will you be joining weFashionista?

Minggu, 04 Agustus 2013

THOUGHTS // Bras, panties & all that's in between.

Hi there.
I'm starting to feel a bit awkward as I am about to talk about lingerie- a subject I've never actually discussed. I think it's possible I matured (maybe?) over these past 3 years. The point I'm trying to get to is that I absolutely adore lingerie. So why would a sixteen year old girl say that? [I can promise you I'm not alone] And why are so many women, and girls, afraid to admit that?

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[mass noun]
women’s underwear and nightclothes.

The other day I was at the mall with my best friend and we decided that Castro- a popular fashion store in Israel- would be our first stop. I wasn't really looking for anything, but decided to try on a couple tops anyway. As I was walking towards the changing rooms, I saw racks of beautiful bras and underwear with lovely satin bows, ribbons and lace, hidden away from the main part of the quiet large store. I immediately returned the tops to their places and walked as quickly as I can to the "hidden" underwear. I don't know what it is that excites me so much about lingerie- something about it just really makes me feel butterflies inside- as stupid as it might sound.

I wasn't always like this. During my more awkward years (I'm sill there, but it's getting better!), talking about anything like this would make me turn the color of a tomato. I remember watching some styling show (probably Tim Gunn's Guide to Style), and some woman said "lingerie is the most important part of an outfit." At the time, I was about 13, this seemed completely ridiculous to me. I mean, what does underwear have to do with your shoes or your jeans?! Well... now, 3 years later, I couldn't agree more. 
We've all had these day. Your bra and your underwear match perfectly. Even your socks aren't an old pair of ragged cloths you had just pulled out from the bottom of your drawer. Didn't you just feel amazing that morning when you were getting ready? I know that whenever that happens to me, I feel great through out the whole day, no matter what I'm wearing over my lingerie. And thit, ladies and gentleman, is what makes- or breaks- an outfit: how you feel about yourself