Sabtu, 30 November 2013

OUTFIT // Bitter:Sweet

what I'm wearing:
top: vintage (mom's)
pants: H&M
shoes: topten 
bag: gifted

Hi lovelies!
I'm finally on Hanukkah break. 
It's crazy to think how time flies by. I remember last year Hanukkah like it was a couple months ago. The pretty side of this, is that I feel like school will actually en someday and not like I'm eternally stuck in one place. The bitter side of this? Pretty much the same. It feels weird when I think about the "after-life" (of high school that is). 
I'm definetly starting to feel the pressure. My math matriculation exam is coming up and I have about 3 pre-exam test (does that even make sense?) in December. Kill me now. 


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